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Monday, October 1, 2007

it's been a while

wow, it's been a while i stop writing in ma blog...it's not bcoz i forgot or else...it just dat i'm not in a mood to write in this blog in dat particular time..n when i have ma mood, i'm not infront of ma comp....so, i end up writing nothing...hehehehe...

well, it's oct already...nothing much happen in sept juz 5 of 7 members in ma family having their birthday in sept...however, no suprise party for them as we're in d fasting month...save ma money...hehehe...it's ma mom, dad, cit (2nd bro), aisyah (sis) n farisya (youngest) birthday...hope they have their wishes n dreams comes true for the year ahead...

wat i hate today is dat astro has change their channels n i'm having difficulties to remember all those new channels n i've to browse all channels to find d one i'm looking for...huhuhuhu....well it will take time to remember as now each channels have 3 numbers to remember...

aidilfitri will approach in 12 days n we all will celebrating raya in KL dis year n d best part is when tokwan n tokwandi will come all d way from k'tan to celebrate with us rite here at our home..it's kinda weird as we are all supposed to 'balik kampung' instead of asking them to come n celebrate here with us...huhuhu...actually, mom n dad plan to celebrate here as my 2nd bro will be facing SPM exam dis year...n for additional reasons why my grandparents celebrating raya with us is dat, my uncle (ayahsu - ma mother's youngest bro) is not here as he is now in new zealand for his master n PHD in ...... (dunno wat course he took but somthing related to surgery in dentistry)....n my another uncle (ayahman - ma mom's bro), he's still not sure where he will celebrate raya as dis year as he's absolutely bz with works n alwaiz fly in n out to bangkok for his project overthere...ma cousins (ma uncle's sons n daughters which lives wit ma grandparents will celebrating raya with their mom in kajang...so, plus minus everything, it end up nobody from ma family ( i mean from ma mom's side) will go to k'tan n it leave only ma grandparents...i'm not going to let d two of them celebrate raya without us as d hse which is full with ma cousins before will be completely soulless when ma cousins come here so i asked them to come n join us here....they will be here 2 days before raya...i can't wait for dat day to come as i know ma grandmom is d best chef in d world...huhuhuhu

i think i sign off now...

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