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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


couple days ago, i chat wit my bro who is juz went to egypt last sat....glad to hear that he has arrive sound n safely..well, that is d 1st chatting wit him since he arrive..he said they haven't install any internet services yet bt d cc is juz in front of his apt...RM0.50 per hour...can't believed it...sooo cheap...if here, maybe RM2/3 per hour i think...things there cheaper there than here..such as, gas drinks (1.5 L) juz cost bout RM1, extension 10 sockets only RM10, 6 pieces of roti arab cost only RM0.50...it's only sum of i know....wow, comparing the prices in our money, it is considered cheap...

well, the time diff is only 5 hours...they will start their 1st lecture in a few weeks i guest...he said that they will celebrate 50th merdeka anniversary at Malaysia's embassy...i hope he's doing fine over there....


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