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Friday, August 17, 2007

~Gov Exam~

well, juz now, mommy call n asked me to check spa website..oh no, another boring gov exams on 22nd august 2007 (peperiksaan khas 14 jaw)...asik exam jerr...dpt nyer x lgsg....sumtme, dunno what criteria they're looking for....intrvw, exams, but get nothing....saje nk menyusahkan org....like 1 of my frens, dh lulus exam PTD n dh g accessment...n then dpt past utk g intrvw....last2, xlulus intrvw...exam took 1 whole day n the accsmnt took anther 3 whole days...n 1 day for d intrvw, what a waste of 5 days but get nothing...sucks!!!at least people who already past for d accsmnt should already got the job n the intrvw is juz d formality to know who we are...n then if u want dat position, hv to go through all this all over again.....!!!isn't dat sucks!!!

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