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Sunday, November 25, 2007

~have no time~

hi again.....it's been a while since i last wrote in dis blog...well, lots of things happen juz don't hv time anymore to jot smthing down here....since, i'm working and there's lots of works there, i juz don hv any mood when at home...TIRED....

well, dis week, i've been left alone while my famili went to t'ganu for a wedding...i'm not be able to follow as i'm working n on saturday i've department sport track events at stadium mini bukit jalil...know what...i've won 1st runner up for 200m for women...hehehe...rupanye, i'm still berbisa lam tracks events even though dh lama stop practice...but then, abis sume sendi2 sakit....aduisss....

...i think i'm signing off now...

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From yesterday, we learned for today, and today we prepared for tomorrow

Because yesterday has already passed, and today surely doesn’t promise a successful day

And tomorrow will decide our future if we are prepared today!!!

Every roses has its thorn!

So remember, nobody is PERFECT…!!!