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Thursday, December 11, 2008


on 5th Dec ritu, ayah dpt msg dr adikku yg blajar kat mansoura...
he said that i dh dpt anak buah...
dh tu sama tarikh lak ngan ayahsu nyer birthday..
nama baby tu Nik Huraiyah Ar-Raudhah...
tp a few hours later...
dpt msg lg saying that baby tu dah dijemput oleh PenciptaNya..
Semoga abang & isteri tabah menghadapi segala dugaan...

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From yesterday, we learned for today, and today we prepared for tomorrow

Because yesterday has already passed, and today surely doesn’t promise a successful day

And tomorrow will decide our future if we are prepared today!!!

Every roses has its thorn!

So remember, nobody is PERFECT…!!!