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Sunday, December 21, 2008


pg tadi, g tengok wayang ngan adik kat piramid...
tgk citer Histeria...
ok la citer tu..
not that seram...ye ker???huhuhu
(rasenye cam byk tutup mata dr tgk...huhuhu)
(mgkn dh dasar penakut koot)
tp terkejut gak la ngan sound effect tu...
anyway..a nice movie to watch..
lg ok dr 'congkak' rasenye...
congkak tu lebih pd sound effect jer...
that's wat i feel...

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From yesterday, we learned for today, and today we prepared for tomorrow

Because yesterday has already passed, and today surely doesn’t promise a successful day

And tomorrow will decide our future if we are prepared today!!!

Every roses has its thorn!

So remember, nobody is PERFECT…!!!